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(German Gay-themed Movie)

Aaaaaaaaalright, alright, alright lemme tell you about this motherfucking MASTERPIECE amongst gay movies!! It is FREAKING AWESOME & HEARTBREAKING! I was watching it last night and i cried my eyes out!

It’s basically everything I ever wanted in a gay live-action movie! Great plot, realistic characters, fantastic scenery, good lοve-scenes and amazing scenario.

Summary by IMDb: A promising career with the police, a baby on the way — Marc’s life seems to be right on track. Then he meets fellow policeman Kay and during their regular jogs Marc experiences a never-before-felt sense of ease and effortlessness — and what it means to fall in lοve with another man. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc sees his world careening more and more out of control. Suddenly, his life is in free fall and Marc realizes that try as he may, he can’t make everyone happy. Least of all, himself.

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asdasfasf ♥

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waaa los amo tanto! estos dos me pueden ♥o♥


waaa los amo tanto! estos dos me pueden ♥o♥

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That’s better :D

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Rai x Konoe ♥

asdafafaaa los amoooo

asdasdasfsafsadasd!!!! waaaaaa *hemorragia nasal*

asdasdasfsafsadasd!!!! waaaaaa *hemorragia nasal*

Esto es BL, sal de aquí si no te gusta. Aquí solo hay contenido homosexual ¡¡VIVA EL YAOI!!! Photobucket coches de segunda mano

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